Monday, 4 March 2013

My Recap Of The Past Week...

Hello everyone,

Although last week was not really eventful, I would like to make a little recap about...

What I did:
I went back from my parents house to my apartment on Monday, because uni starts again. I had to go to work and my BF and I we did a bit of shopping on Wednesday. Then I had to start learning again for my upcoming exam.
On Saturday we decided to go out in the evening, because Sunday was my BF's birthday and we wanted to celebrate it.

This is what I wore that night: (This was Plan B, Plan A was originally a dress, but we had sub-zero temperatures outside and we took our bikes to get into the City so I changed!)

dark blue Skinny Jeans (Pimkie)\ mint green tank and grey cardigan (H&M)\
green scarf\ surfboard neclace\ wedge sneakers (Amazon)

What I saw:
Of course my TV- series obsessions of the moment: 2 Broke Girls, Elementary and The Vampire Diaries

What I ate:
We ate out a lot this past week (Chinese Food, Burgers and "Bosna") but now we are back on everyday cooking on our own again.
As a birthday"cake" he wanted to have a tiramisu:

What I read:
The book I'm ready right now is "The Magus" by John Fowles. It was recommended to me by my Dad, a Greece lover.



  1. Sound like you had a great week! 2 broke girls is amazing

    A little bit Unique


    1. Thank's! Yes I can't wait for the next episode!


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