Friday, 15 November 2013

Phone Pics

Today I will just share with you some pictures I took with my phone! 
As a disclaimer, I don't have a phone that makes pictures in amazing quality. I actually have an old phone and I hope I will get a new one for Christmas (well that means I hope I will have the money to buy one on my own!)!

I started running again and enjoy it. My knee is not hurting the only problem is that I prefer running in the evening, which means right now at about 4 p.m. (because then it's getting dark again and I don't want to run on my own through the woods when it is dark!)!

"Mulish but cute! The shirt is an old favourite of mine, because it fits.... I am mulish from time to time!

I'm not really good in eating fruits right now, don't know why! So i drink a lot of smoothies. The Innocent are really delicious (Pomegranate, Blackberry and Acai... mhm amazing!), but I also make them on my own: Banana, Apple, Chia Seeds, Almond Milk, Tangerine and Spinach!

I already mentioned in my Autumn Favourites that I really enjoy baking bread right now. It tastes delicious, is really easy to make and is perfect for my breakfast (with a smoothie of course).

On the not so healthy side, Pizza: Love it: I make the dough on my own and put tomatoes, ham, corn, cheese, herbs and onions on it!

(: Anna


  1. Oooh nice post. I love acai :)

  2. yumeeee!!!! PIZZAAAA!!! :*


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