Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Recap

Wow, November is over and we already have December! That is crazy!
December is on the one hand an awesome month: Winter, snow, Christmas, family, my birthday etc. but on the other hand it is soooo stressful at uni and at work! We will see how much time I will find for blogging. I'm going away as well to France to visit my best friend in Lyon, I'm already so excited to finally see her again!!
So todays' post is really quick, because I have to go back to learn for my next exam!

I was thinking about making a November Favourites Post these days, but I actually couldn't find anything "special" I loved this past month. So I decided to make a recap of November with the photos I have on my phone!

What I saw:
I saw this beautiful coloured sky when the sun was setting a few days ago!

At home they have the first snow of the year and I looked up our local webcam and found this picture!

What I did: 

Well I was learning, a lot, and drinking tea, a lot!

 In my learning breaks we went out and I had this lovely drink with pomegranate seeds inside.

 I loved it so much, that I bought one on my own, but ate the seeds on its own.

What I wore:

 It is now really cold in Austria, so I wore thick sweaters a lot.

 What did you do in November?
(: Anna


  1. beautiful pictures ! i love pomegranate juice :) xx

  2. You live in such a beautiful place Anna, those photos are amazing. I've always wanted to visit Austria! Your. November sounds a lot more exciting than mine :) xx

    1. Yes, it is really beautiful, I'm glade I was allowed to grow up there!
      (: Anna

  3. I think posts like these is a good way of keeping a track of what you did and what was so special about that month!! You should definitely make this a regular every month!! :)




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