Thursday, 15 January 2015

Personal Resolutions for 2015

As every year I have made some new years resolutions for myself. Of course there are the usual one like, working out a little bit more, eating more good food, working harder for Uni etc. But I also have some other, a bit more different resolutions!

  • Read more!
    This last year I was really lazy in reading books. Normally I'm someone who reads a lot. I have a notebook where I write down all of the books I read. In 2014 I read just a handful. On my nightstands are still some unread books I got for Christmas in 2013(!). Adding them to the books I got for Christmas 2014 I have now about 15 or 20 books to read and I'm excited!  i miss reading so much, mostly in the evening right before bedtime. This last year my evenings were more about Uni learning, working and watching TV.
    My wish would be at least 2 books a month, until now I've already finished 1 and I'm onto number 2!
    If anyone of you has a book recommendation, tell me!!
  • Become a more open person!
    Believe it or not I'm a really shy person. I have always been and so I have decided I want to change it. I wanna challenge myself in doing things I wouldn't usually do!

  • Become a more creative person!
    I always thought I would be the most uncreative person in the world. I was never good in Art, creative in finding birthday gifts, writing blogposts etc. In the past few months I challenged myself in stepping out of my comfort zone and try to be creative, and it worked. My creativity was challenged as well in some of my Uni courses and I really wanna "use" my new found creativity a bite more!

  • Go somewhere new!
    Last year was really difficult for travelling. That means I didn't travel at all. I had no time due to working nearly 3 months in summer and finishing my bachelor program. So this year I wanna see some new (and old) places. London, Greece and Barcelona are on my list, we will see what's going to happen...!

  • Writing in German!When I first started this blog I wrote everything in English and German, then I switched to English, because most of my readers don't speak German. Now, nearly 2 years later I actually wanna go back to write in German. It is of course easier for my and perhaps I will help me to write more. For all my non German readers, I will try to make it possible for you to build in a translator somehow (if anyone of you knows how to do that, please help me!!)That's it for now. I will tell you in June or July how my resolutions are working for me!
Until the next time.... in German!

(: Anna


  1. I loved this post!! :) We should become goodreads friends. I would love to see what all you are reading!!
    Challenge yourself.. get out of that comfort zone.. i am trying it too!! It seems difficult in the start but it isn't!! It's actually fun!!! :) xx

  2. In case you do switch to German try writing the post in English too? Cuz I don't wana miss on your posts!! :(


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